What We Do

  • Prevent cruelty to animals and confiscating abused or neglected animals.
  • Enforce laws that protect animal rights through our inspectorate.
  • Provide caring treatment and comfortable shelter for neglected and abandoned animals that are admitted to our Animal Care Centre.
  • Provide veterinary care to the animals of poor communities.
  • Promote the humane and compassionate care of animals through education and awareness programmes.
  • Find loving and caring homes for animals through our adoption service.
  • Reunite lost animals with their owners through our lost-and-found service.
  • Sterilisation campaigns to reduce the overpopulation of animals.
  • Disaster relief to save animals affected by natural disasters, motor accidents and so forth.
  • Lost and Found

    We operate a dedicated lost-and-found service from both our Waltloo and Centurion premises to assist the community to find their lost pets.

  • Boarding Kennels

    Our boarding facility continues to be well-supported by owners who entrust their beloved dogs to our care. We have 63 boarding kennels at our Waltloo and Centurion premises.

  • Inspectorate

    The Inspectorate is the law enforcement unit of the SPCA, and its main task is to investigate the neglect of and cruelty to animals, and take appropriate action.

  • Animal Care Centre

    Our Animal Care Centres  at our Waltloo and Centurion premises have over 500 dog and cat kennels. Of these kennels, 84 are used for the care of animals in our Animal Hospital. There is someone to receive stray and unwanted animals at our Animal Care Centres 24/7.

  • Animal Clinic

    We are fortunate to be one of only a few SPCAs to have a clinic. Our Animal Clinic is located at the Waltloo premises, and is registered with the South African Veterinary Council.

  • Charity Shop

    We have two Charity Shop outlets, which sell a variety of second-hand goods. We receive and collect donations in the Tshwane area that help support the SPCA by raising up to R20 000 a month of much-needed funds.

  • Education

    Our Education initiatives include Community Outreach Programmes and School Programs. School groups regularly visit our premises to get on-site exposure. We use these tours to share what we do and to give them an opportunity to interact with animals.

  • Garden of Remembrance

    The Waltloo branch of the Tshwane SPCA has a Garden of Remembrance where you can have a plaque placed to remember your pet, or scatter their ashes at no charge.