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Sponsor a Kennel

Sponsor a kennel for as little as R 100 per month, or R 1320 per year. Your support will provide food, shelter and primary health care for your animal for the entire month. To show our appreciation, a certificate with your name on it will be displayed on the kennel to acknowledge your sponsorship.

Corporate Sponsorship

Few initiatives are as close to the heart of so many South Africans as the wellbeing of our animals, and the Alberton SPCA sees this daily in the amount of publicity generated by our work. From the work our inspectors do to save animals from harm, through to our various fundraising events, the media are always there to cover the event. Selecting the Alberton SPCA as your Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project will therefore enable you not only to make a real impact to a worthy cause, but also to enjoy the publicity generated by the SPCA’s activities.

Your company could:

  • Sign up for a monthly debit order to support cruelty investigations
  • Sponsor one of our many events, such as National Animal Week, Wag a Walk or a Corporate Golf Day
  • Join us in a sterilisation or microchip campaign, or an outreach programme to poorer communities