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As a non-profit organisation, the survival of the SPCA depends exclusively on donations of money and goods.

No matter how big or small your contribution, every cent helps us to care for animals in need.

And if all you can donate is a blanket or a tin of dog food, that’s fine too – you can rest assured knowing that one more animal in our care will fall asleep warm and with a full belly.

SPCA Randfontein & Westonaria

Euthanasia and the ignorance

On a daily basis SPCA’s gets criticized regarding our euthanasia policies.
But we wonder – does these critics ever stop for a moment and ask themselves the real questions? Such as where does all these animals come from? Why do the SPCA euthanize and howcome the numbers is always so high?
It’s not the SPCA who keeps on breeding irresponsibly. It’s not the SPCA who moves and leaves their animals behind. It’s not the SPCA who allows their animals to roam in the streets. It’s not the SPCA who advertise ‘free for a good home’. It’s not the SPCA who ‘at least let her have one litter’ or ‘I only have a male if he impregnates my neighbors female it is not my problem’. It’s not the SPCA’s fault there are so many abused and neglected animals. So who’s is it? Who is REALLY responsible for so many animals being send over the rainbow bridge on a daily basis?
Let’s tell you the harsh reality!
More and more SPCA’s are starting to post their monthly intake figures publicly.
Our society for example, take in approximately 150 – 200 animals between Randfontein and Westonaria on a monthly basis. We have less than 50 kennels. WHERE do we find the space, food, medicine and cleaners to accommodate all?
And then there is always:
‘How do no-kill shelters do it but you can’t?’
Very easy- we do not say no to take in any animal at any time. No kill shelters can say sorry we are full we cannot take in any more animals. One of the SPCA’s biggest mandates are that we do not refuse admission of any animal – because we know what will happen if we do – and it is horrific! Therefore, if we do not euthanize we will be full within the first two weeks, and then what?
‘Your adoption process is too strict’
Yes, we would hope it is impossible for those who is not able to take proper care of the animals. We have rules in place due to lessons learned from previous mistakes. Our animals needs comes before anything else – and if you feel the same you would know the adoption process is simply there to protect those who has already been failed by humankind. We ensure happy and successful adoptions. And we will not send of any animal for a worse fate than death.

So, next time you join the keyboard warriors about the SPCA killers, just think for one second what is really going on. Who is really responsible and who should really be taking the blame and shame?

It is not the SPCA’s fault that there are so many abused and neglected animals- but we pay the price for it unfortunately.

We will not stop putting our animals needs first. We will continue to be the solution for a problem caused by ignorance.

Come and see who is up for adoption at the Alberton SPCA

What would life be without the comfort of a purring cat rubbing up against your leg, or the always-happy and trusting face of your dog as he runs towards you? Yet despite how effortlessly they love us, so many animals are in need.

011 907 1568 | 065 616 9004 (emergency)

Lincoln Rd, General Alberts Park, Alberton

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