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As a non-profit organisation, the survival of the SPCA depends exclusively on donations of money and goods.

No matter how big or small your contribution, every cent helps us to care for animals in need.

And if all you can donate is a blanket or a tin of dog food, that’s fine too – you can rest assured knowing that one more animal in our care will fall asleep warm and with a full belly.

Upcoming events that you don't want to miss!

Come and see who is up for adoption at the Alberton SPCA

What would life be without the comfort of a purring cat rubbing up against your leg, or the always-happy and trusting face of your dog as he runs towards you? Yet despite how effortlessly they love us, so many animals are in need.

We believe that every day should carry the sentiments of World Spay Day.
With the overpopulation of animals and the uncontrolled breeding that occurs, we urge each animal owner to have their animals sterilised. Animal Welfare Organisations are inundated with stray and unwanted animals, and the reality is that there are just not enough good homes for them all. Sterilisation also comes with some added bonuses – not only does this prevent hundreds, if not thousands, of unwanted animals, but it can even reduce the risk of certain cancers from developing in animals.
How can you make a difference? Sterilise your pet, and if you can afford it – sterilise another person’s pet if they can’t. Support your local SPCA’s sterilisation outreaches and be part of the solution!


What a wonderful update on our gorgeous Walter (previously known as Marty)
“Dear Khanyi, Khensani, Charmain, Klaas and the rest of the team.
Walter (aka Marty) has settled in beautifully,
is trying to befriend his new sister (who is a bit miffed- but there are no fights) has taken ownership of most things in this house and is the most lovable chap.
Thank you for all your help with this adoption.

Warm regards
Saranne and Michael Meyersfeld “
Another fantastic update for our gorgeous girl Sally. Thank you for letting us know, we love getting these updates!
“Dear spca team.
Thank you for all your help in my adoption process.
Sally is now more comfortable and is bouncing around our garden like a bunny rabbit and twirling like a ballerina when we feed her. She is slowly getting used to her new doggie brother and sister, and is already picking up some healthy weight on her new food.
We go for walks at rietvlei and she loves it so much. She is enjoying being in our big family and we love all of her funny quirks.

Lots of Love from Sally and Gill Xoxoxo”

011 907 1568 | 065 616 9004 (emergency)

Lincoln Rd, General Alberts Park, Alberton

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